Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day One at Ruth Lodge

We are so blessed to have Marie Schmitt from Wisconsin.  She has been hooking for  over 50 years and taught  hooking and advanced tailoring at 6 colleges.  She recycles nearly all of her wool and does some awesome swatch dying. So we have been doing lots of dying and learning how to shade. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures.
Marie Schmitt our new friend and teacher.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Did you see this scary person on Halloween?

This really scared me............

Baa Baa Booneville

Saturday was such a beautiful day.  Linda, Bev, Karen and I went to Booneville and did some rug hooking along with some shopping.  Such a neat little town with some cool shops.  We went to a shop called Never The Same.  I forgot her name but the owner is so talented she takes things most of us would call junk and makes awesome furniture, shelves and etc.

The Booneville girls hosted a great day.  Lots of food, friends and of course some beautiful rugs.  Hats off to a job well done!

Here are a few pictures of the day.