Sunday, August 8, 2010

Friday Hooking Day

Friday was busy at the shop. We had a good group about 14 of us.
Ann Orr once again treated us to a wonderful lunch. Ann likes to cook
And we love to eat! I am learning a new iPad so I will add picures of Friday Hooking soon.

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  1. Good Morning Patty! Well! I found a new follower this morning on my blog and it was SaltboxWoolens and I got over just as fast as I could :) So this is so much fun YOU and the STORE having your very own blog! This is going to be a very fun thing! Hmmm, Patty and Katie with blogs to keep us informed about all the wonderfulness of the hookers, rugs being hooked and the wonderful FOOD that shows up at the Saltbox AND all those wonderfully funny women. Makes me want to hop in my vehicle and crank up the oldies and visit ya all. I am feeling like I need a Saltbox Prim fix :) Congrats on the blog Patty, I'm following, of course! Your granddaughter is darling :) YaHOO! Made my morning!!!!